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:D To many try-hards and it just awful with the updates Fortnite WAS a good game but it went downhill when people started taking it too serious but thats my OPINION  Kevin the Teletubbie You are a wise man, we just knew we were having fun, i just want the old playstyles when everyone was trash at the game and it was enjoyable, i just wish fortnite would go back to this man, games changing, very slowly) brings the reticle to the enemy, winning tilted towers just felt so amazing, focus on studies and academics.

It broke my heart to see this amazing game being destroyed before my eyes! I just ran and ran and boxed myself funny af Dont be like that u could of hurt his feeling take it like what if u got bullied If you actually cried because of that youre a kid XoxMirianxoX Msp yeah but not over a location in a childrens game disappearing! Well i mean everyone gets good at website games so if the map comes back it can be better than it is now because i havent played the game in a while Literally FN just make new skins for money they dont give a sht for us Dont forget competitive players, so thats the reason why old fortnite was better Edit: I am pretty sure there are more reasons as well Your one of the reasons it sucks now sweat Imagine saying the same thing the top comment said Tilted will always be my favorite place Yo do you remember season 0 so funnnnn Before all of the stream sniping sweaty palm nine year old toxic gfuel heads landed on the island I dont play fortnite.

I miss i need a dollar dollar dollar is what i need :( I hate that he can hit 220 pumps with a grey and we only hit 180 with purple Anyone else watching this in the end of Whos here and misses old fortnite and that the new tilted just isnt the same! I miss these days so much especially seasons 2 and 3 but its alright, and even if I placed 93rd each game. When you are watching someone who have the best aim, at the end TheDeadXGamer Playz Gamez i didnt correct you at all but okay It wasnt even when u posted that lol Me last name whiteyea liked own comment Prince imaaz you werent when you made that comment Yes ب Although i think fortnite is the goat, Dakotaz flow wasnt good, regarding to its statistics obviously because most people who play it are 9 year olds or teenage no lifes.

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