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But nothing beats this game in the prime­ There are hundreds its just people are to busy wasting their lives reminiscing on the past when they could be making new memories Sounds like you were a sweat my dude Jordan Vargas go back to toy story dellor The reason they do 70 damage is because you missed your shot, the real nostalgia is Minecraft sweden Lol they doing drug they got dat pot ­­­­­ 500subswithno website pretty much fortnite now I still listen to this song because its fire and reminds me of the good days before skill based matchmaking Miles Nowicki youre the one watching a Fortnite website I went on this to laugh at the cringe that is on this website.

Epic should make a gamemode which is just the old mapold weapons I miss where I go home and just play the game with my friends having fun nights Be honest you searched this up to hear the song again. Like this if you are hyped.

I love this type of content homie Fortnite is a legend still man, best game ever created in its prime Me two I cant believe he played mincraft Problem is I never went for wins I went for memories All i been hearing from his gta vids is AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH Honestly H2Os part was so perfect for him He tends to use lower quality microphones because he sounds drastically different with a high quality one. Zachary Bastien u know season 10 is the best season Sorry but 10year olds are in all the games at all the times I didnt like old fortnite 1 there was practically nothing 2 there were hackers 3 there were glitches Never got a chance at that type of gameplay I just liked your comment cause sounds like a nice time in fortnite lol True maan im started playing Leuge Of legends istead of Fornite around Season 7 because epic just ruin the game The part of sweaty people their just better than you Every one is 10 once in their life bud I miss when the game didnt even come out with a battle royale The battle passes are always good?

I bet that triggers you. They just werent communicating with the community for soooo long.

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