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Dude, Fortnite, not everyones 1st language is English. I didnt know I was making memories I miss the good gold days when i was just knowing fortnite and tfue If the boys could time travel we all know we would go back to this ­ I miss this time. Im 14 now and times have changed. Back when the game was actually good Seeing fortnite pull out that brownie made my day Mannn seeing that purple tac brings back so many memories ­­ This website is a certified hood classic Who is watching this because we miss the old fortnite I remember when fortnite first blew up, one of the most entertaining Fortnite website Ive seen in a while I always loved fortnite he is so good and so funnyÔ Love this so much dude.

A game where u and the boys would play squads every Friday after school! Thats like his mentality Yalll dont watch his streams obviously fortnite has like almost 8000 more total kills than myth in less total games.

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