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It is significant, if you had an rpg, Dakotas, and you would be refunded shortly. This is coming from a kid who played websitegames since three years old and is 19 now Youre no ones tryna make you laugh bozo Yea you are lmfao cant even use the right your My original comment was about how incoherent you are now shoo Yeah same I remember when I thought 5 kill wins were good but you be getting sweaty kids with 20 as an average That nostalgia bro :( season 3, it was just that I got so burned out after playing it so much.

Wish we could go back just for a day before fortnite died hair and when cdn was the funniest streamer and when season 3 was in progress I remember literally listening to this while 1v1ing in tilted playground literally brings a tear no cap I miss the old fortnite when everyone had a chance to get a win and all that Who back here for the memories and the hype this song had Dakotas voice is sickkk.

Everything is different now with the dinosaur so I will wait until the next season Dude its been out since what are you talking about and plus it might be og for us so chillllll Its og for us cuz its ruined with 10 year olds Josh at least we had it right but I know what you mean man Unless we had a time machine or could stay in or season one forever This is when life was good, live events like the Devourer of worlds.

25 is very Nice. Seasons 6 and 7 were ok but nothing compares to seasons 1-5. Cdnthe3rd 4?

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