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I really do love this song and I truly do believe that fortnite is the Messiah and is actually a descendent of King David himself. It has been 3! MrBigjack1980 play this game on pc and say that again I dont give a shit. GG Lier fortnite only got 32 kills and im better than him i got 0 kill thats the hist i got ­ Lol if you find out let me know too I am curious You where did u bought that pc from bcuz I am also looking for one plz reply We can all agree that fortnite wasnt good we just all sucked at the time lol Now 32 kills is BAD for pro players­ First place i ever landed was anarchy acres?

i would like to take this time and advertise his twitch channel. You call us toxic when all you do is hate on the game Legit the best.

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