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Great battle pass, just remembering how it was and how Id play 25 games in one session, over an assault rifle. Still remember those good days, Ceez has a good part since he wrote his own lyrics but I think some of the other lyrics are better Trueblack10 Gaming and Vlogs fortnite doesnt have a singing voice xd! Im better than fortnite! Anyone who reads this comment god bless you all Well let me tell you about real music Creeper Aw Man Frankie-ROBLOX and more u got one letter wrong too ImHyper just like the game its dying Carter Bell you are not a cool dude if you play this childish game!

At least now you can get bot lobbies On top of all of that, wish they were still here Me even though I didnt start in season 1 2 or 3. Its been so long still the second best fortnite song you made dancing on your body was the best Im back on the 3 year anniversary and damn i wish I could go back My favorite rapper in this song is fortnite because hes so good and he has bars This could possibly be the best song ever created fortnite: shoot a rocket and pop a mini at the same time me:i believe that is called hacking fortnite 4 years later and I sill remember the lyrics.

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