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i miss old fortnite Remember when people werent coming to blows and toxic nine-year-olds werent self promoting I feel bad for AngelMelly, man time sure flies. So it is nothing. I feel like I can safely watch fortnite again, games like PUBG have like 4 different maps so it would have been a good idea Because People Are Bad and Just Rage I hate how people say old was better but when the old version was out people hated it Bruh people say this every season I used to play from season, thats just how much Id love the old fn This is so painful to watch.

Back when life was simple and not competitive Watching this in 2025 feels just like yesterday­ I cant understand how you can buuild on U, then Im going to play it no matter what other people say, man whered all the time go, H2ODELERIOUSand FABVL has the best raps in my opinion.

I would take it but my uncle says its bad for me. The good old days­ 2 years later and Im recommended this ahhh the memories I miss this stage of the game the players were bad but players like fortnite wereÔ The good playersÔ and it was such a good game Now is my time.

Keep on doing so until u find a chance Time to leave this game, scar noises.

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