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Now its almost unplayable? All he needed was 100 shields Ooo a free battle royale game, most pois were not even there so have fun jumping into tomato town for the 50th time. Good times, the memories.

I did too but I liked the whole almost empty vibes instead of snow and desert and then grass with bots shoot Tbh i think chapter 2 is awesome, bring me back to the good old days Its been 2 years, youre the best No one talking about h20s verse followed with that laugh נננ I remember how i clutched so hard with only revolver headshots in tilted back in season 2 נ I remember when this song came out i was singing this song while playing in the old days I remembered me and my squad always used to speak fortnite verse to get ourselves hyped up, watching in season 420, its an automatic 3k likes and its annoying how people try dissing a company that literally updates their game, but the game is still fun, Edit on release.

H20 5.

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