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Ô´Ş­ WCC Vibez me: read more scrolls down a bit Also me: O U C H Dusty still exists was just hit by meteor pump still exist name change of retail and tilted and tomato town just smaller with no name Frank Sorrentino og only and zapatron was in game for like 2 hours and factorys didnt have a name falls into place with dusty ┬áCameronPlayz┬áNothing came back but the shadows were released.

Explain how Im able to do that, really miss early Fortnite. Scoped rifle was the best weapon in the game Me dude the coronavirus is FUCKING ANNOYING Fortnite sucks but this is just good song XD means extreme dare and yes I hate the covid 19 When fortnite was actually fun ­­ Me bro, season 5 6 wasnt for me, ad revenue. Now I never play this game. Id play the game practically daily from chapter 1 season 1 onwards and only during season 1 of chapter 2 did I quit.

Damn, and the become shit When you play a a lot of others games it just doesnt feel right its hard to explain the game never gets updated so the game starts to feel laggy i wish fortnite was better i dont even care about og fortnite just make the game better And dont get me started on the community The only time i try if theres other sweats cause i dont wanna get frustrated dying every game to a sweat Your just bad kid.

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