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行研研感 醒行 醒行行 What fortnite did to our lives will never never been forgotten He made fortnite popular. Agree with what your saying, yikes buddy Elina Van dijk a game that changed lives Whyd you get so much hate over a simple comment like people way to soft Dr seuss also cheated on his wife while she was battling cancer Just the sound of picking up weapons made me feel nostalgic its crazy Facts. u have to respect it. Nobody knew how bad the game would become and didnt realise how good it used to be Make the game original again, you can choose play to begin the game, just you, and you really enjiyed it it sets you a diffrent prespective.

Wait was that satire or not Avrio youre not being realistic? 痧痧疴 I cant believe how many lyrics I remember after so long I miss old Fortnite. I havent played in a long time but I felt the urge to hear this song so now im here Jake G factttsssss broo I dnt play the game bc its trash now Are you my cousin cause my cousin is Jakob garland lol Yeah that is when it was really good but now its like meh Season 1-5 was the best when 6 came up fortnite started to get weird Same, and we made fun of it back then when it was great, i am a kid i never said i wasnt, Id probably celebrate like Id won the World Cup Fortnite was a great game back then, and everyone wanna be like each other.

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