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Jdke_ bruh I thought it was fortnite, was not expecting H20 Delirious. Btw never heard of him before, CDN and DAKOTAZZ­­­ 3:23 fortnite 0:10 CDNthe3r 0:50 dark 1:31 NRDOUTMUSIC 1:51 halokene 2:11 h20 delirios 3:01 ANGELMELLI I DID NOT BELIVE THAT DAKOTAZ AND DELIROUS HAD BARSSSSSSSS Who else started crying seeing this amazing fortnite moments back in the day We didnt know we are making memories we were just having fun.

Plus theres rarely ever such high FPS low ping players in pubs, so I can finally challenge a worthy enemy I wish these times can come back when this game was easy Watching this during season ten makes me realize how much better it was during the first few seasons Man I miss the good old Fortnite.

EXACTLY how to be Saved by Jesus Christ, youre a sweat those people ruined fortnite imo. But theres nothing we can do about to change even if chapter 1 happened again because everyone knows how to build and do things If you think season 3 and 4 were bad then youre not an OG I said past.

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