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I would love if controller get nerfed for another 30 in season 4 chapter 2 Best to watch while eating sandvich in the morning Back in the day me and u baby we used to have fun until chapter 2 season 4 look thats not my son Who else is watching this in season 6 I dont understand how they made the game worse Niceeee I havent played fortnite for 1 year now since tilted got removed :) MooD X3 م Who got this recommended in late and early Ah the time where there is no little toxic kids I miss the old fortnite the one that cursed.

what you see on website was seen on twitch first. Only then would the game be fair for all and the best will win not the loser Tf creative is not for practicing always theres freaking minigames And if they bring back the old map we will get bored of it and it always gonna be always the same which is not fun And get freaking better at the game to do your memes George Floyd hahahahhaah ayy man Im from the hood man Im from Houston, not times where you could have 99 shot pf Bazooka Justin Lee you miss it for nostalgia not because it was better YGuy1 dude theres a thing called sweaty ass try hard but then people are at the same level but since they added creative they just grind in creative 247 Justin Lee back when the world was simpler When u could carry 10 mini sheilds:( This is the only fortnite I remember.

This Song Makes Me Want To Give My Teammates Mini Shields After They Drank The Big Shield. Anyways, I miss old fn too but back then pumps used to sometimes hit for 9 or 7 Literally 99 of people wont see this comment but if you do stay safe and have a great day.

Starting of the game has 97 dudes an when first circle closes in there are only 30 people left Were just saying that people are getting way more sweaty Yeahhhh !!!.

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