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0 Mowses Falcon fortnite and pubg are not copys sure they used the battle Royale concept but after the jumping out of a plane and landing the similarities stop plus h1z1 was not the first battle Royale by far Manuel Hernandez WHAT MORE LIKE FORTNITE IS A COPY Manuel Hernandez How could PUBG be a copy if it came out months before Fortnite battle Royale Theexpendable 859 when mom wont buy you games so you talk trash on the people who have it Theexpendable 859 your totally right Pinnapple x Chief It still has an active fanbase First Time what do u play then also u dont play games online really so I mean u dont play fort nite or anything else and u only play fitness games but u know fortnite is more popular than most than sports games Pink Ant you also forgot Nerdout lol Pink Ant SO DAMN TRUE but change fortnite and dakotz Pink Ant lol i only knew fortnite and h20 Pink Ant love you pink ant u a bosss Pink Ant no Dakotaz is first fortnite second and cdn is third Pink Ant but my top three are.

:] H2ODelirious voting for u(even tho its been 3 monthXD)luv ur vids wish i could play with you because i also have xbox:) H2ODelirious you watch this guy his cool H2ODelirious OH NO PLEASE DONT KILL ME Pls do a face reveal we wont laugh we want to se how u look like I actually killed you one time, or (what Iām personally thinking) IO armored skins to buff them up to the Sevenās level once more, Og skins back, I remember in school if you could sing all the lyrics to this song you would be the coolest in school.

i stopped playing around season 6 or 7. the memories hit man I honestly wish we could just go back one last timeeww I hate this game I also do in my opinion epic games have destroyed the game I believe ALL the OGs do mate. Who else is watching this in lockdown The views on this website is like the population of Canada Get right with the lord Jesus Christ before its too late repent and put ur faith in Christ. I just up and die.

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