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Je suis fran√ais team france !!. It feels so good to see all of yall playing Fortnite again please keep the Fortnite content coming OG crew is back man. I bet that triggers you. But thats what made those days special. I Try Vertexx how I start season 3 and got like 3x more wins than you Yall haters I hardly play fortnite anymore lol I Try Vertexx thats why you have an omega pfp I Try Vertexx so is your channel desc saying ‚play fortnite‚ Bro hes leaving tilted with almost 15 kills i can barely get that in a good game im glad ur comin back man Nostalgia, would be, but now people are mad, you should download Epic Games?

yet kids force their parents to waste money on it. 799km Fletcher117 if its a friend camping for you it doesnt count xD NorfolkBlue Racing Have fun playing it :D Jhin I am having fun :D Played 2 hours today, but Idts though, the reason i stopped watching fortnite was because he became family friendly When bolts had drop off damage on body shots The game was such a good game until fortnite changed his name then the game just went down I miss these times, oh old fortnite plz come back You have the power to tell epic to bring the OG map back 2:12 old smg brings back season 2 memories (easier to see at 0.

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