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So now the most likes Ive ever got are 308 likes lmao H20 Delirious HAD TO BE THE BEST ננ fortnite in second place tho ננ This brings back an unimaginable amount of nostalgia. season 7 was trash and the story line didnt even made sense? Good times Remember when this came out, me and my friends were at one of there homes, Chapter 3 is pretty fun so far though) Im 14 now but those where some great times 15 in a month I was younger then it was something magical I still play sometimes but just miss the old seasons We still say that but I am still sad that we cant get back to this Fortnite Not a boy a girl my friend is lazabem and I am a pro Unless someone were to remake the game entirely but change the build mechanics, which again costs cash.

Im a freshman now and I think the same thing as you. NerdOut. Over half the player base would leave and instead you would get maybe 3 million people from ch 1 and they would leave after a few weeksmonths. season 3 was the bomb.

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