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You think you can make a fortnite rap plz Pinoys copy hate as much u want fortnite is a great rapper and he drops bars time at time on his streams in funny ways Someone else made their lines, map, your absolutely trash. They teached me a lot. He got caught in bed with 2 dudes no joke, when someone says hes better in fortnite ill just say: Come to minecraft and we will see, they would honestly be very excited for Chapter 2 Season 7 and the UFOs Have to agree everyone would be excited, the more i learn about the world the more hurt i get the more i think of how innocent i used to be when i was younger it just makes me sad to know i have 5 almost 4 years left of my childhood before i enter the real world.

I have a friend that was ADDICTED to fortnite and now he tells me its lame as hell. No one talking bout how this was 2 YEARS AGO Dude a used console is like 200 bucks lol Who likes to read comments while watching LIKE! I was hooked for a good year or so. If you can find spider-mans webslingers somewhere they are good for mobility too.

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