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the mechanics and bugs all got better but the experience with current fortnite is garbage. Time goes really fast. (CDNThe3rd) 0:09 (Dakotaz) 0:50 (Fabvl) 1:11 (NerdOut) 1:31 (Halocene) 1:51 (H2O Delirious) 2:11 (Fabvl Again) 2:31 (AngelMelly) 3:01 ( fortnite) 3:22 Enjoy 3 0:09 CDNTHE3RD 0:50 DAKOTAZ 1:11 FABVL 1:31 NERDOUT 1:51 HALOCENE 2:11 DELIRIOUS 2:32 FABVL 3:02 ANGELMELLY and our most favorite 3:22 fortnite H20 delirious cause you cant beat the worlds best bush wookie­gottalovetheTeddies It sounded more like a normal rap than a rap battle YO I DONT FORTINTE THAT MUCH BUT I GOT TO SAY THIS IS AWESOME My favorite is H20 Delirious and fortnite Dakotaz my boy he told me how to snipe This should be the Fortnite National Anthem.

Drinking shields, the days when you didnt have to build like a giraffe having a seizure and just enjoy playing a simple game, its a little too fast for me though, your welcome.

Great times. Thats not how he sings in game lol Skel_etn its not new, I started playing the game late into season 1.

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