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People are judgemental and thats why people like playing popular games and listening to pop music. Yo whos on rn and seeing tilted again Turns out after three years I still have the lyrics memorized Ik for a fact everyone forgot ab his This was the era when fortnite was fun like if your og OMG 1. The best you can get with nowadays common pump is something like 150. Fortnite actually became good again. True. Yo I cant believe you guys actually let delirious my favorite websiter into this rap battle thank you for this nerdout you guys are really talented someday I want to work for you :) Even when the game is dead no matter what this song will always be good Years later this still hypes me up only if the game was how it used to be This came out 3 years ago, I hope old fortnite coms back Fortnite made fortnite and fortnite made fortnite I miss these times i played controller and im so good but i feel like they have ruined everything.

I like both games.

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