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(Date: 117) Bruh look at the comment its 3 months ago and its edited and also I saw the same comment before and it was Bro look at the comment its saying 3 months ago  Mxyxr ik its 3 months ago which makes it in not I miss the yo u online, it was easy back then, lol XD Jdke_ bro nobody cares about Jake Paul in fortnite Jake Paul could never sound that good, I wish they would but they wont. It was boring and sweaty af. Good days Pretty much what he is saying is He misses when everybody was bad at the game Your right because it was way more fun In my opinion the first 9 seasons were good?

I really miss those times they were simple and nice im in 8th grade now At least youre not alone Remebering old days of fortnite Nope, its a classic FPS game with a soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails? Team Rumble shouldnt be permanent We made fun of this game but little did we know that this would be almost nostalgic. people spend way too much time on the game and people who actually have a life wanna just play a casual game but they cant when theres sweats on the game Anastasios Kamonas good old days!!.

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