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I used to be so happy to come home from 7th grade to play fortnite, fortnite. This was the best project Nerdcore ever did. My Name Pete RIP somewhere I didnt care about My Name Pete the king on dusty devin My Name Pete he only said dusty not dusty depot Dont care u noob the dude can jus hand cannon u Delirious army for liiiiiiiiifffffffeeeee His mic is so different now, Chapter 3 is pretty fun so far though) Im 14 now but those where some great times 15 in a month I was younger then it was something magical I still play sometimes but just miss the old seasons We still say that but I am still sad that we cant get back to this Fortnite Not a boy a girl my friend is lazabem and I am a pro Unless someone were to remake the game entirely but change the build mechanics.

I really miss those times they were simple and nice im in 8th grade now At least youre not alone Remebering old days of fortnite Nope, but its always the hardest when it cant get better than the past.

Some people love fortnite some people have INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks and money making website Sayed you know not everyone wants to sit in a office building everyday I miss the good old days when people didnt build a skyscraper and edit course you. The good old days when fortnite wasnt broken Wow man actually wow i dont even have one kil on my lagi screen serieus 4:58 he shouldve gotten the epic tac I feel Old Fortnite had a unique feeling to it and is not the same anymore Try winning with only GreyWhite stuff ItzL3gend u could somehow win he misses a lot of shots Some squads couldve won actually if most of the squads just actually did team work and attacked together then seperate then they could win but most of the squads were either just really bad and they all jumped him and died or they were seperated or they were just dumb like those guys he was sniping from across loot lake they didnt even build a full defense Great that you dont see names in the lobby then :) Im calling it.

Atfennelly thats funny, i think you have reason DylanEniola the biggest lie i ever heard MD DA BEAST cant beat delerious Actually if there was a rap battle between catoonz and h2o delirious that would be epic TheDjCrazy 1st delirious 2nd Dk 3rd CDN B1gVanVader delirious was alright cdn was way better 02 PEARS I dont personally like him.

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