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damn look hes running like a rabbit on tilted towers street. You only watched his vid to prove a point. ­­ H2O was the best for me hope he will win ­­­ Who else watched this is and feel such nostalgia listening to it again I only watched this to hear H20 rap­ TekNo 1 boi ceez is epic, next month I turn 17.

Blank ur voice is probably much worse Thompson Family me the best one is the original This one is more catchy than the second one. and btw get better grammar Alessandro Castiglia yeah thats because he knocked out two people already then he killed that guy which was apart of the same squad so they all died at once GXShot thats good to me too my highest is 14 Ônew thing bad old thing good durrrrÔ When people didnt build a 5 star hotel­ These sound effects in the first few seconds (Burst,pickaxe, I know its not.

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