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He is a god at clickbaiting. times flies fast man! ­ God I wish I could go back to the past just to play this masterpiece again­ I miss the stream snipes the cool clips and the hole chapter This hits hard. It makes me sad to think that this came out 3 years ago, cause now the games just shit ­ to go back to those years lol I wish fortnite was as fun as it was Sad how none of these guys in this song ndont play fornite anymore :( I cant be the only one who thinks Dakotaz sounds like Fe4rless Everyone probably could win these people nowadays in 1v4 Top ten rappers Eminem is afraid to diss Number 1: fortnite Merry Christmas to every legend that loves OG Fortnite Who ready for the titled coming back This gave me stage 4 skin cancer.

31 comes out only OGs will remember there shotguns doing 8 damage Was excited to see how action packed this was but then saw that he found an RPG and stopped watching Seeing this now makes me wish I played the game more back then. And im upset that i didnt bought Renegade Raider.

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