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According to the Fortnite Leader boards, you have an argument. : Watching with nostalgia. Fortnites beta was 2010 and was released inonly real legends remember. Epic did that on purposeābut then they cried about losing to noobs so they got skill based matchmaking. Then now big difference like every time i get in a game i am always followed by sweats with the spider-man skin because i have og skins leave me be man I cant believe I used to die to those noobs Back when sniper reload and draw out sounds were the same as ARs 220 una pump gris horita no pump morada lo hace Why am i watching this, prime fortnite was season 3 statistically and well probably never see something like that again Last season was ok.

I remember I was in 5th grade when I heard this now Im in High School Where did the time go.

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