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But as I understand maybe you have to change your HUD layout! So I am loving the vids Youre not alone, you can get extra rewards, others were just a verse. Thank god he isnt on Xbox! Your game wouldnt be dead if you listened.

When fornite was good and fun to play Ăpoca boa de Fortnite, battle royale had no LTMs. (sometimes but so rare i play with friends on computer) We could still have this enjoyment without ppl like you Idk man I miss Kylix highlights from chap2 season 2 Ill do anything to get these times back Basically back then fortnite was not a sweat fest and it was awesome to win a match and have fun and troll people but now its a SWEATFEST and everytime you wanna have fun a soccer skin or superhero skin comes outta nowhere and wrecks you, Im not even playing fortnite, every single time I hear it.

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