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I came second and thought that was one of my best games? I joined in season 4 then left season 8 I wish. I would love if controller get nerfed for another 30 in season 4 chapter 2 Best to watch while eating sandvich in the morning Back in the day me and u baby we used to have fun until chapter 2 season 4 look thats not my son Who else is watching this in season 6 I dont understand how they made the game worse Niceeee I havent played fortnite for 1 year now since tilted got removed :) MooD X3 م Who got this recommended in late and early Ah the time where there is no little toxic kids I miss the old fortnite the one that cursed.

Doesnt give you the right to insult me for getting nostalgia Nostalgia means childhood memories TF are you seven SMH The definition of nostalgia is wistful affections to memories of your past.

Now the new new season is dog shit rip I hate forrnite now of days theres sweats Henman with aimbot I got NO-SCOPED by a henchmen 300 meters Jordan Vargas stop crying if u cant adapt to the meta oml Jordan Vargas how tf u due to a henchman ur a real bot If you die to henchmen, its easy to be top 60.

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