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how time flies man ­­ 3 years later and I still know the lyrics­­­­­ I seriously cant believe this came out 3 years ago. The numbers dont come out of thin air, hoping to see more of this Always awesome to watch one of the best squads to ever play Fortnite, but that H2O Delirious guy lowkey killed it? When fornite was good and fun to play ├poca boa de Fortnite, first 4 season was really memories It was 3 years ago its crazy how fast its been No matter what changes they do.

And now its a hot pile of garbage Kids and media ruined this good game along with try hsrds :( RIP Fortnite - It was fun until s6 Bro when i heard this game called fortnite and it was a year ago? THATS real nostalgia Back when you could be good,but not sweaty 17:51: me when I get 1kill and make it in the top 60 God I miss the og days so much maaaaaaaaaan I miss when Fortnite was just loot and shoot, there was this game called fortnite, the sound of picking up guns hits different, it Will still be unplayable cuz of tryharders, kinda like everyone rn 1tap CSGO he makes everyone look bad lol CSGO Tips and Tricks dude hes like the fucking best player on fortnite stop trying to discredit him, how ÔpeacefulÔ it would sound without all of the machinery and absolute chaos in this game now, I think fortnite is better purely because hes more consistent, where Fortnite was an enjoyable experience for everyone, coz of bots, theyre OG menaces to Fortnite, I never liked that shit Zachary Bastien Im ten but I agree because I only rage on games like dbxv or call of duty but I dont rage like ahhhhhhhAHHHHH I just say This game is too OP besides I troll alot I started when i was ten that was but im 13 now but i do miss old fortntie I agree but not all 10 year olds are toxictrash I thought it was a good casual game to go to but they ruined it with all this shit they added.

Am I the only one bored and laying in bed watching old vids­­ Man that 1_egg guy was going completely bananas on em ­­ Season 1: LETS GO I GOT MY FIRST EVER WIN.

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