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I would talk about fortnite every second of my day, it will let you do a faster run (it runs out though). I just get annoyed when people blame everything on players and nothing on themselves. AND THE OTHER WAS 2 DAYS AGO Danny1234 watched in season 4 and season 5 This is when the game was good :( i wish it was these days again sweats ruined it TYLER fortnite FORTNITE BLEVINS NO WAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? There was no reason to get mad.

Ive been wanting a shotty with a slug with decent range and damage since FOREVERš Saw this on stream, even when I win i dont feel that satisfaction like the old days Same dude But its so sad seeing how Fortnite is at the moment:( Its basically sweaty shit. let them play against each other instead of ruining the fun for everyone else I agree with you 100 I love the game for the diverse combat gamplay the community maps people make are actually fun :3 but the people?

I mean these are fortnite fans were talking about.

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