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5 seconds. CDN killed it at the beginning ๐๐ Nostalgia hit like a double pump. I even remember back in season 3 getting on with my only friend that played fortnite that we arent close friends now being hyped over 6 kills. Season 0-2 noobs Season 3-5 pros Season 6-8 sweats Season 9-Chapter 2 bots Skilled match making, now its just boring and no new updates :( I just came after the ocean event and got hit by a ton of nostalgia OMG H20 u didnt know he was a repper 3:00 : DUDE THAT BUILDING IS SO FAST, the graphics just gives me so much memories Im crying from the memories ๐ I wish I can go back and live this time again.

Ur literally making no sense and coming up with bs comebacks that in no way relate to any of the subjects anyone is talking about I think its clear who the 7 yr old is๐๐ Oblivious Duck all those shity new tryhards commenting here of no reason when me and my boys vibin with fortnite old website Saikyk yes you have the right to state your opinion and you shouldnt get insults. Had to take a look into the vid after coming over an article on how fortnite got his money.

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