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But because of how fortnite works it seems almost impossible to counter someone whos building at light speed. its nice to see hes back on fortnite having fun Nice to see the king back on his throne Love the content and love to see you like the season because its is a lot different to a lot of others Im fr so happy hes enjoying and playing Fortnite again Keep up wth ur Fortnite content ninj props to u bro of returning to fortnite I felt so good when Jess said āIm happy to see you on fortnite againāthat was just great I love when fortnite rages hes the funniest You always make me want to play Fortnite every time I watch one of your vids,you make it looks so easy still the king of Fortnite The fortnite back in my day never missed a sniper shot Loving you and sypher playing together.

this was good times. Who the hell are you to be judging someones Grammatical errors. I think it something to do with the resolution of the iphone. Fortnite actually became good again. no way you need healing against those bots and if you did you could easily kill them and take their healing 16:50 the fort Everyone was building back in the days Compared to how it is now, and they still did this Duck Master lol Im on controller though so probs not I miss the old days when if u got a kill or a win u wud be screaming and if u were shot at u wud hide behind a treešš Eoin Dowling yeah and when you got like 4 kills you would think your really good or if you got shot at you would scream and if you were in top ten your heart would be racing so fast Jonathan Turcios Rosales all good its a very popular saying Lol u where singing this song in the talent show good for u!

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