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Imagine having this in recomented after almost 4 years­ Good old times, the best season right here So much nostalgia in one website ­, obviously you didnt play back then because your like 9.

Im just going to say he deserves to be in the conversation, me encontr├ a 2 jugadores en afk Noobs,yo tengo 0 hahahahaha aprendan del pro :D Lets be honest fortnite blew up cause of fortnite so he shouldnt quit it Why are you still so interested in fortnite still dont you play any other games I bet your a sweat and still is bad at the game type in on utube we love fortnite click on the first one that comes up and thats you and ur friends fortnite still plays fortnite but rarer because he is merried and could even have a kid Hmu with ur epic name and you will see I bet the only game u play is fortnite dont you do anything with ur life About 450 wins and yes i play other games Harjot Gill he blew up because of halo and fortnite not just fortnite Yea he cant play fortnite with me i am i pro 23 kills 9 people left other then him kills them all fortnite bad at fortnite now my 9 year old cousin can beat him Anime Lord fortnite isnt played fortnite in a while XD Seint thats because fortnite doesnt play fortnite a lot anymore.

Thank you. The bloody hell do you mean the old days ItWasMe DIO fortnite was better than r 6 before all this dumb stuff if not u aint a real gamer 500SubsWithNo website thats me but Im on that Ribena 500SubsWithNo website I miss those days suprisingly ItWasMe DIO not back in the day fortnite was the best back then now its a game you think about and feel sad 500SubsWithNo website then they scream at you when you kill them for hacking 500SubsWithNo website Im still snorting G fuel 500SubsWithNo website so fuckingntrue 500SubsWithNo website and that is why I left fortnite You must be 10 yourself if you actually listened to this seriously And ten year olds putting monster energy in their eyes and ears 500SubsWithNo website your 100th sub 500SubsWithNo website Im a goat and Im 10 I have season 2 skins I think streamers actually were the ones who were trying an then people copied them 500SubsWithNo website i knop how you feeling Same man I used to have fun with my squad by just camping in tilted back in season 2.

Yeah man, i know a few ways we could all change fortnite but wed need help everyone do whatever u can to get fortnite to listen to us.

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