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Will forever be a legendary website­ Man I miss the good ol days I wish I appreciated this game more back then before everything went wrong Weird to think this gameplay was once insane Well never experience a game this captivating ever again Remember these times where you got top 10 and Your heart started beating And your hands where super sweaty Doing 200 headshot damage with a grey pump.

Just awesome song, similar to The Hunger Games. good old days­ÔĘ Please tell me Im not the only one watching these old website of fortnite and tfue getting 30 bombs atleast once a month So glad I enjoyed the fortnite hype train :) brings back such good feelings Watching this now makes me think how much fun I had as a little kid And now he has his own skinand pubg has better graphics than fortnite. ANONIMNY LIK hahahhahahahhahahahaha is he gonna hack Fortnite;) Sorry but your comments 69 I gotta leave it I thought that 8yr old was alcoholic Statiic FoxX how you get nostalgic from 1 year ago Chowdz Xx cause you probably dont even know what it means Chowdz Xx I can tell youre a very sensitive person He probably knows what it means.

Who watching this website at October Look at The Game of The german ytber redsama No kegy did its a german websiter and he had a product placement so hes the father of fortnite lol Nicole McKenna youre not better at lying than anyone.

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