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you are so awesome 3 Ya esta loco, it doesnt matter Obaid Aryan And today tfue got 33 kills Actually, season 1-3 were enjoyable, first 4 season was really memories It was 3 years ago its crazy how fast its been No matter what changes they do.

The only reason fortnight is even trending is cause the season ending. 5 from each sub on website, not sad that its over! Haha. Got Fortnite, but fyi half these streamers are married Gamer Munchkin I dont listen to twenty one pilots but whats wrong to listen to them, anyone would kill for 200 - 400k views for every website Fnite suckss I only came cuz 9f the old memes No it wasnt bro the games fall down was at chapter 2 season 2!

Fortnite offers an in-game criticism device in the Main Menu of the game to report awful player conduct. 1 because of the maps 2 they remove all fun weapons and vehicles and 3 because people play way to sweaty nowadays because they actually want to win.

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