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You have potential though. I remember blasting back in season 3 and getting a dub and crying because it was my first win ever now I get at least 5 to 6 dubs a day and Im pro dude youre probably 11 since youre so triggered lol What does that make the difference tho its still very fun for me but dont agree with me if you dont want to Who remember when this was a banger when we all played back in the day ­ Back when the game was straight heat­ H20 delirious and fortnite are the best I feel old listening to Fabvl do a non-aggressive impression in a songrap This is really interesting lol.

Honestly the game is dead to me at this point I couldnt give two shits what three done to the game ­ being quite honest its landslide began in season 6 Tbh its not the game that makes it bad lmao its the people playing it it would be perfectly fine if there wasnt people building a whole fucking mansion every time you tag them 30 shield damage Removing turbo building and building from creative is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard.

ÔYoull never find meÔ:is a bush on top of a building Who elses watching this somehow know the lyrics In Anthony Padilla this is better the 2 one Bruh Ive been playing since the game was made youve always been able to build I thought you where smash 4 a second ­­­ Lol only kids who do 90s like the build Anthony Padilla ur fake Anthony Padilla Im not THE Anthony Padilla from Smosh dummy. The feeling is so hard to describe. Glad to see this on number 1 tending!

I got the chills ­ Those where the days.

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