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I miss old fortnite­ This just spells out old fortnite nostalgic times I remember listen to this 3 years ago I was in year 5 when this song came out and i learnt all the lyrics now im in year 9 and i still remember it all lmao My favourite part was were PetersHD rapped, vehicles.

He is the definition of a tiktok kid. Season 9 was where all the tryhards were at, but what your saying is that battle royale came out almost three years ago. I also left in season 8 because of how boring it was but now Im back because of how fun it was.

Not all sweats are even that good, keep it up my g. Battle Royales are only fun until everyone gets good and sweats Everyone who liked and watched the websitesong Its only certain types of sweats that ruin the game, like I aint complaining I miss these days ­ What is this the alimo last stand­­ I miss old fortnite ­­­­­ The grey pump give a 220 but now the gold pump give only a 203 if youre lucky Congrats bro 1!

best g(old) times.

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