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So much memories what happened (here in Season 4 Chapter 2) 21:34 like my reactionair fortnite thats my Dream you are the best fortnite speler and websiter ever How the fuck has fortnite changed so much this looks like a completely different game its scary how bad epic has done.

So please try and be respectful. Tunko Gamino its ok just play on save da world or playground mode Vass Montenegro me too I watched this when it came out and Im sad that the Depot is gone but I think they rebuilding it Iii think its getting better and better everyday,i dont agree Siavash da 1 cuz you never played the old fortnite.

99 and enduring a full Battle Royale season (something like three months), settings allowed people to become far better, through their web-based security place. I am the biggest fan ever can you give me a shout out you are so funny keep up the good work H2ODelirious your lines were the best Is that really If you laugh like a freaky clown Or just give smiley emoji H2ODelirious you are my favorite websiter H2ODelirious lol Ill pretend Im a noob so I can be famous H2ODelirious holy water I didnt know you were here H2ODelirious I got killed by a bush meant today I hope it wasnt your name H2ODelirious big fan but when u attack me with a bush Ill be ready H2ODelirious I love you and your website channel H2ODelirious you where the best now I will check every bush H2ODelirious I LOVE YOU Delirious I really liked your rap nice job man H2ODelirious i loveeeeeee ur vids do a face revel H2ODelirious will you kill me in fortnite H2ODelirious I killed you in a game once.

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