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Very perceptive you are. Fortnite vs apex legends Only That have the mako glider and play season 1-2 comment Im Always Delirious cause were out of our mind H20 delireouse YOUR RIGHT H20 ARMYYY RIP the old FN this game is TRASHHHHHHHHHHHHH unplayeble Right now wtf is Epig games doing You didnt even make this in July so how is it July gang it would be June Sup fam I cant believe minecraft is taking over! Theres always a toxic side to someone.

Today is the 4 year anniversary of this website being posted? fortnite (my opinion) FabVL and Deliriousāļøāļøāļø Was it just me who used to vibe to these songs with my friends as a kid What a banger and who is still watching after 2 years cause they miss old fortnite RIP.

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