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2 milion subs Salty dead yeah the blue rpg is vaulted Im watching in season 10 and my god fortnite was so much better with tilted towers and no mechs Omg remember when you could carry 10 minis 2:35 220 with a grey pump the good old days Whatssupp from the future !

Watching in Julythis song was released in season 3, the community was different and everything was like fortnite this fortnite that at school you used to do fortnite dances and couldnt wait till you go home to play fortnite w your friend god I miss those days especially bc I was a noob In my first 3 seasons, but I stopped playing 2 years ago due to epic changing everything and making the game terrible, before Epic ruined Fortnite, or so called bars Do you think you can do better than him LOL I love your vids like the doom rap and halo rap You so cool you got a like from the best people in the world Tissy ro tissure bre fine b tissol kin pee king cheer It doesnt feel like the same game anymore Not gonna lie man I almost cried I mean this was the best game ever I loved playing this in chapter 1 this was the perfect game It rlly doesnt every1 sweats the whole time thats y people left the game Is because youre not young like the old days Old school Fortnite was just so fucking good.

Delirious Armmmmmyyy Emerald Micro LMAO you wouldnt know, grade. Malachi frye ALL OF H20 RAPS I LISTEN TO ALL DAY MY BROTHER SAID TURN THAT SHIT U LISTENED TO THAT LIKE 1000 TIMES Me bro still hyped everytime I watch his part I read this entire thread and lost brain cells Gk Bryce 0078 I disagree with all except CDN and H20 Anglemelly was actually not traSh like everyone else lmao Quito Gaming another word for got to Gk Bryce 0078 Ok that your opion but read that description Pumizki P I already know what it say Pumizki P oh sorry, nobody was supposed to abuse the build system and build the eiffel tower if you get shot, the real nostalgia is Minecraft sweden Lol they doing drug they got dat pot 500subswithno website pretty much fortnite now I still listen to this song because its fire and reminds me of the good days before skill based matchmaking Miles Nowicki youre the one watching a Fortnite website I went on this to laugh at the cringe that is on this website, I seriously doubt anyone at any point can surpass PewDiePie now.

QunLucky again, thats nostalgia clouding your memory there, i started playing 2 weeks ago tbf (God ) thats my name if you wanna see my stats.

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