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I see a ton of potential for content with him and PK! Im just showing fortnite some love. Before the try hards spent hours practicing on playground Brandon OC nah its filled with streamer, it was good times man Fortnite will reach this peek again in the future Wow the old good times when everything was good i miss this so much i wish i can back in time Bro one word Nostalgia I miss these days so much Here on the last day of.

I started season 3 and my brothers started on season 2 CORXY 1003 stop begging for likes and no one cares if youre og Season 3 aint og most players started the Season 3 aint og bro 1 and 2 is you prob only played till season 3 I was on at the very end of season 3 Love your room now its the great my friend likes it You go to favorite your favorite place in fortnite You go to you go to your favorite place in fortnite Imran Eminov No its not lmao 2 and maybe 3 is og Ive been playing before there even was a season I started playing fortnite in season 9 ten days till it ended so season 9 I didnt get to enjoy I started like 2 weeks into season 4 God like did you need to say bot at that sentence Nah season 3 will never be OG fam only things that came in is OG I think 2 probs could be the go but Im fine with 3 no more I joined a few days after season 5 came out Season 5,6,7 was the best in my opinion HELL IM HERE.

lanerdout Vote for your favourite: The Show Off (CDNThe3rd): http:bit. Shit like this is so bad it is funny and most people I know can agree.

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