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Wow, iconic. 100000000000000 mbps internet and -100 ping In starting of fortnite if we shoot at someone he only build 1,2 walls Nah. now in upper secondaryhigh school second year I was in 4th now gonna be in high school in a few months I was in 5th grade when the game came out now Ill be a sophomore next year Now fortnite is trash imo back in - it was pure gold there are a lot of people that just build and doesnt have aim You have no ideas how many times Ive watched this and it still makes me want to go back and do it all again We enjoyed the moments without knowing they will become memories I still play it but i know what you mean Gaming keeps going.

Result: watched it for the 3004453365th time I miss when grey pumps to the head did 220 Whos here thinking about how like the henchmen would drop30 bombs every game if people were still like this Only just found out he privated his sub count, i just want the old playstyles when everyone was trash at the game and it was enjoyable.

Who is here is chapter 3 and mising the og tilted loot lake and others miss you og fortnite hope you come back soon Old Fortnites graphics looked way better and spookier than what we have now, it was such a nice gun with the sound omg memorys Most tragic end for a good game I dont see how you can miss getting instantly killed by the worst rarity of a shotgun!

bad Nope watched this several times Nick Hunter if you dont know they said that thing 2 times Always hype never Lockey Im the king you know me He is the music in between, what an amazing year miss this alot good times Honestly these are pretty fun to go back and watch I miss all the old weapons and the map.

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