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When fortnite was the best fortnite player. Cnd, remembering the good times when Fortnite was on top makes me cry. This song is just cringey asF too They are just trying to entertain bro Yeah I miss when there was no 10 year ol-oh right Im a 10 year old If you started season 2-3 and youre not cringey thats ok for me Imma be honest I would be playing fortnite if it was the same I played in season 1 and there was a lot of good people now I hate fortnite its not fun and people are RUDE I read the second one while my 10 year old friend was a sweaty soccer skin doing 90s LOL Season five is better then the current season But I didnt see it yet.

Im just now realizing that was delirious Robert Johnson it says his name in the title lol Ziaxx delirious laugh is delirious hah Ziaxx he was the almost the only one who could rhyme Ziaxx bra H20delirous laugh is not funny Ziaxx It makes him so creepy and badass xD Ziaxx thats the closest Ive heard to his real voice Ziaxx Bro I see you playing with Feloh my dude Ziaxx DELIRIOUS LAUGHS ARE AWESOME AND FUNNY MAN KleinerG0_YT no 6ix 9ine sounds like him Yeah man and x was alive miss those days I would rather go back to the xbox 360 days Yes it was a big part of my life when I was in 8th grade Im a senior now lol I even stoped playing because the map changed itself so much and there are way to many buildings where someone camps in and also way to mich new stuff Ok?

Next day everyone is singing this song except me. No root! im so happy that fortnite is back nostalgia is hitting me rn.

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