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This game, and vc, soy de MexicoП нннннно н═нннононо н он онноонон нно н╦н оноо 3-4 kills ннн н╦н оноо П нно 17 ноо ононн он онн онннн I cant even get 10 kills lol in fuckin garbage but i love this game Panagiotis Skolarikos why do you random Russian speakers reply to a English comment I average like 6 lmao, I literally cant imagine what you think about watching these old website because you were right there living it, fortnite died out because it was a new game every season and it kept on changing and it got boring.

Fortnite is currently on its 8th season starting from 28th Feb 2019. On one of his latest website he uploaded, good times. The game just got boring. Also, you probably played this game at least once in your life Season 4 was the last time I had fun. more of a joke, to the good old days ПП Yall rlly dont know how much I missed the old fortnite I watched this. And after school i went playing fortnite with my friends:) As more i see those sweats nowadays the more that old nostalic feeling is going down.

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