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Games such as rocket league have a rlly skilled player base Bc theyve been their for FIVE years but there is a ranking system and casual game mode which is fine. Oh crap!!!П Tbh I wish my parents would divorce. u were the best of all teh times U took down about 8 teams, but now those friends have either stopped playing or moved away and also stopped.

Congrats. нннннно н═нннононо 15 aint bad i get 1819 and I was in top 100 for a while so u doing good Brig I get 6 and Im hyped but fucking 15wtf _ Trapgodbart fr lmao 3 kills is good for me lmao нннннно н═нннононо i just got 9 and thought it was pretty lit Well 11 but 2 i downed and i died to the storm came in 5th нннннно н═нннононо my record is 10 and I thought I was better than fortnite and Dk lol П нннннно н═нннононо my highest is 9 Im good with my record of 5 kills lol Bro everyone is saying that youre not alone my man П Fortnite was good in its prime, and still is I knew all the lyrics to this when it came out dude You cannot deny that CDN carried this Ah when this game was, but unfortunately theres nothing we can do about it other than watching old gameplay lmao.

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