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Although I havent played since season X in chapter 1 nothing beats Fortnite in its prime. 5 days 4 days 3 days 5 days 4 days I think they might be cancelling it for a another day or two cuz theyre might be some bugs with it and stuff Mate I played season 3 i have take the L ┬ádudeabides12┬ár u kidding ­­­ This is the cringiest┬áthing Ive seen in a while I am. its about the memories we made about how the game used to be good I really dont care if Im awful or not!

No joke thats what I was thinking ­ I think that is why he is so good, peace be with you always. yeah, a better quality one I think so thats sort of his voice in real life Hes using a better mic, if you are struggling with understanding the pattern of the game; stick to a play stylemode that would work the best for you. the sounds, but not even close to fortnite fortnite is definitley the goat but you cant really compare him to ali a cause Ali is on console while fortnite on pc He is fortnite do squad duos with alia Well he is good but not as good as fortnite A Gamer lol Ali-A should go back to making Call Of Duty website; a game he was good at, whenever they die.

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