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Yeah then fortnite became build battles so i stopped watching most of it KAREN DETERMINED TO RUIN JOKE Imagine Yea lmao those kids think 2 years is old,, but, then I watch OG fortnite and start to cry cause I realize the game will never be the same­ Seeing how fortnite didnt pick up gold and purple weapons Man this came up on my feed, ur first website is of you crying!

There are an expected 125 million players on Fortnite. X9 yeh I totally agree I had those over builders and time wasters I think its time to move on Alex Gherghina yeh I agree but I had those time wasters who are on 1 hp and when you try to catch up they keep building and building and then take a launch pad and run away.

H20 Delirious is cool and good singer I think him Idk who ANGELMELLY is but that was fire ­­­ THIS is what made Fortnite, fortnite is huge with its free to play aspect. I had a maximum of 5 solo kills and 1st place solo xDD Right before I moved down to college is when fortnite came out. Btw yardy know cdn was the best You did an amazing job i love call of duty.

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