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Ya man I started playing Fortnite at 11 and now Im disappointed to see that now the new 11 year olds are all sweats I wasnt a sweat when I was 11 I was laughing and playing with my friends and brothers What does that have to do with anything Du beter dig som om du skulle vara 9 9 och lyssna p en rapare som gjorde musik p 80 och 90 talet that makes no sens jag r 14 inte 9 Jag r 14 vad har jag gjort som gr mig 9 Yalla yalla bror yani sg till de, not necessarily just the game just having fun messing around with the homies and seeing all the live events fuck man lol The fact we remember all the lyrics just says something about what this game used to be Oh my god.

Its only dead when Epic stops updating it and no one likes unupdated games. Im from south America. 25 then it will be a rap song GILFORD KNIGHT yeh but they probably didnt wanna rap I miss tilted towers Elwun L1 It means that Creepy Oreo likes the lyrics and want you to know that. I liked fortnite the most and also keep up the good work love your vids! For me at least.

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