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I didnt steal no one else comment i only typed my fortnite experience Teathloac M? This planet is on borrowed time. im happy about it. Fun game on both systems but you just arent going to get the same level of play on ps4.

I love this song i cant stop watching :) Im seeing a lot of people nostalgic about the good old days, loved this room, 1. Wow. 25x speed is the best Fortnite is a shit game end of story Mol Ester mate people have different opinions so dont start a war about pubg and fortnite Mol Ester your shit(hears a bunch if daaaamns in the background) VesperLeopard47 you can see this guy is obviously a pub g player and salty that fortnite took over Mikaiver not true my brother plays pubg and fortnite and he it Ya know, brought back old mechanics, people didnt like it though.

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