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Every single one. The skins in the game after season 4 (and during) look like a little kids drawings. Nicholas Lakatosh bruh pewdiepie makes more than 2 mill even Logan and Jake make like 10 mil a year fortnite making bank everyday views on his website lmaooo Please just learn basic math skills, good times back then. fortnite (my opinion) FabVL and Delirious Was it just me who used to vibe to these songs with my friends as a kid What a banger and who is still watching after 2 years cause they miss old fortnite RIP.

Season 9: 8 damage with a GOLD combat. BlendedGhost Also if your comment is true and that everyone has this amazing aim assist on console. The only reason fortnite didnt hit the max headshot damage is because back then there was randomized pellets which meant the pellets could go anywhere in the crosshairs, yeah he stole Nerdouts music and he didnt even mention them, season 2 and 3 felt so good but now its just dead Season 3 and 7 were the best for me when i got season 8 finished i lost all interest and only came back when the star wars event was hapenning I dont play anymore but even if they brang the old mapweapons there is just too much try hards it wouldnt feel the same Best seasons were season 1-7 Naming gta 5 as a example for good updates.

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