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­ I actually almost cried watching this because so much has happened in 3 years A tear almost went down my face while watching this website­ Miss these times. Sounds pretty good to me. Just a bunch of no lifes that dont go outside. They literally update the game every two weeks And they also constantly have bugs that arent fixed in those updates That has nothing to do with the comment, playing with the boys after school.

Double Pump refers to the use of two shotguns in one tandem. i mean clearly if he aint going for the upgrade he clearly feels strongly about the weapon itself being better than the tac which baffles me cos im the opposite id go for a tac no matter what even if it IS down grading in colour let alone when its going up 2 (from green to purple).

Im so sad this era had to end, its ÔI know this banger and I started playing in.

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