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Well if you care so much about TOS go report those big websiters that fake their vids? even if the map changed back the game wouldnt be the same, lets be honest? Like if u agree. People like to mess up beauty for no reason and thats why I keep coming back to these type of website They just went more into the comp. Very perceptive you are. Tazoo Shadow Im just here for the cringe lmao Me cuz im waching fortnite even tho it dead Mw but I found this song when It came out Im just coming back its been a while Ye Im just casually watching at 2!

They can be shared with by many others, Im a high school cross country runner and a tennis player, now theres toxic kids and sweats and stupid weapons with idiot sounds I have edited this comment so you wouldnt know why I got this many likes.

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