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People release personal information to others all the time. Back in the day when fortnite still had real hair What i would do for 1 day with the og squad in these times The old map returns again fortnite becomes the best player again I come back to this website ever year and just get sadder and sadder from what the game was like, they should try to make pubs like old FN and keep the competitive the same, You can look around but youll never find me?

One has a different art style, weapons and emotes have also been released and some are coming soon, remembering the good times when Fortnite was on top makes me cry. Matt C No its was a body shot and back in the day it would show white and blue damage separately so he did 65 blue 35 which equals 100.

Theexpendable 859 or probably J E S U S Theexpendable 859 no I disliked because only kids who dont play sports or do anything like this song I actually disliked this because its a bad song but oh well I just a salty pubg player Manuel Hernandez nope pubg is a copy of h1z1 because first fortnite was supposed to be a zombie survival to build bases and survive (2011) then they made battle royale mode because the zombie mode was not that famous so they rebooted the zombie mode in the new fortnite, ­­ The time when we thought there was no way this game would ever die or even become trash it was too godly its so sad the epic ruined their legendary game.

GhostArmy can we play duos together Im a huge fan bro Im xanie81 on epic games and ps4 If this was your peak then ur life is sad This is when fortnite was really fun to play because it was not competitive I remember listen to this when i was 7 or 6 lol This one is better than the 2nd one even though i liked valkraes part Only ogs remember this when life was the best back then Play this at 11:56:37 to start the new year with fortnite rapping fortnite was easily the best part buttttttÔ.

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